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Tel: 952-832-0707
Fax: 952-832-9008

United States Army Cage Code 0MVG5

Primary Upgrade Kits

  • Power Pack

  • Cooling and Exhaust System

  • Suspension

  • Electrical System

Optional Upgrade Kits

  • External Fuel Tank - EFT

  • Armor Kit

  • Night Vision

International Parts Supply Corporation is a world leader in the support, upgrade, modification and redesign/engineering of  M113APC variants.  Specializing in upgrading and rebuilding the M113 family of vehicles.  Originally produced as a gasoline powered vehicle in 1960, the vehicles became M113A1 with an upgraded diesel engine and new power pack in 1964.  The enhanced M113A2 followed 15 years later in 1979 featuring improvements with upgrade kits for the cooling and suspension systems.  The latest upgraded version is the M113 A2 MK1 which was fielded in 2000.


International Parts Supply supports the upgrading with on-site assistance and training.  We supply all levels of conversion kits required for vehicle upgrades and modifications including engineering assistance required to modify the vehicle before installation of the upgrade kits.


International Parts Supply provides hands-on assistance for the installation of the upgrading options.  This includes the complete template and tooling package required for modifications.  Our templates can be used in the most basic workshop and allow upgrades with a minimum of equipment and personnel.



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