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Vendor Managed Inventory


Successful implementation of stream-lined Vendor Managed Inventory programs helps our valued customers achieve reductions in the material, administrative and logistic costs. Vastly improving the availability of parts and overall quality.

International Parts Supply has successfully implemented and continues to provide Vendor Managed Inventory programs to customers.  Our experience and extensive network of manufacturers (OEM's), distributors and industry service providers have been instrumental in making IPS a valued business partner.  We look beyond the direct material cost and recognize significant other costs not always captured when buyers make purchasing decisions. Costs related to multiple sourcing, vendor qualification, quality oversight, packaging, freight, forwarder fees, duties, taxes, insurance, receiving and inspection are all components that must be considered in determining the real cost the customer ultimately must pay.  Utilization of our Vendor Managed Inventory program helps our customers consolidate these costs and can further reduce redundant and unnecessary expenses including costs related to excess inventory which can become outdated, damaged and obsolete. 

Forecasting allows IPS to schedule production and maintain inventory levels to anticipate customer needs allowing significantly reduced product lead-times and inventory SKU's.  In conjunction with understanding customer needs, we can provide firm-fixed contractual pricing for a predetermined period of time.




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