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International Parts Supply
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

When a certificate of conformance is specifically required on the order, the Suppliers C of C must be submitted with the shipment. Failure to comply could result in a delay of invoice payment. The Vendor is   required to comply with all applicable U.S. Government specifications and upon request, the supplier shall furnish to I.P.S. with a certified report of details of material and workmanship.


No partial line items may be shipped unless otherwise noted on the purchase order or authorized in writing by the buyer.


No overages or shortages to quantities specified on this order area allowed unless otherwise noted or preapproved in writing by buyer.


No additional charges other than those stated on this purchase order are acceptable unless authorized in writing by the buyer.


Time is of the essence! Any material covered herein not delivered within the outlined date is subject to cancellation by I.P.S., at no charge to I.P.S. In the event that I.P.S. is charged with penalties resulting from late delivery by the vendor, I.P.S. reserves the right to pass all penalties on the vendor.


Products shipped against this order must be packaged and preserved adequately to prevent corrosion and damage in shipment. Any parts that arrive damaged will be the responsibility of the supplier.


Where applicable, the Supplier/Seller agrees to provide and maintain a quality control system to an industry recognized quality standard and agrees to provide access to the Suppliers/Sellers facilities at all reasonable times by IPS Corp, authorized customer representative and regulator authorities. Supplier/Seller agrees to include and to require its subcontractors to include, the substance of this paragraph in each of its subcontracts under this contract. Further, Supplier/Seller shall be in compliance with other specific quality requirements in this contract.


All goods shipped against this order are subject to inspection at our facilities. Any rejected material is subject to our cancellation at the time of rejection. Vendor warrants all items supplied against this P.O. to be free of any defects in material content and workmanship.


Unless noted otherwise, we certify that all items are for export outside the U.S.A. or for U.S. Government. F.E.T is not applicable.

Unless stated otherwise, this order is tax exempt – MN Tax Exempt #3028146


International Parts Supply complies with ITAR (22CFR120-130) requirements and is responsible for compliance with all regulations and obtaining export license for all parts, shipments, where applicable.


The Supplier is required to conform to all DFAR requirements below. Complete text of all DFAR compliance requirements applicable to this order available at


During the performance of this purchase order your quality assurance and/or inspection system and manufacturing processes are subject to review, verification and analysis by authorized company and/or customer (Government) representatives. Source inspection or release of prior to shipment is not required unless you are otherwise notified.


All prints, specification and documents that are provided to the supplier by IPS Corp are proprietary to IPS and/or the U.S. Government and shall remain confidential, other than as needed to support this specific purchase order. The supplier is responsible to ensure conformance to all U.S. export control laws and regulations specific to all technical data, articles and equipment.


All subcontractors to the supplier performing work for the supplier specific to this purchase order are subject to the same Government rules, regulations and restrictions as stated above.


This purchase order shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota. Any dispute related to this purchase order shall be brought exclusively in the State Court in Hennepin County, Minnesota. The prevailing party shall be entitled to attorney fees and expenses incurred in such litigation.

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