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Tel: 952-832-0707
Fax: 952-832-9008

United States Army Cage Code 0MVG5

M113A3  Vehicle Sales

  • Economically priced for Fleet Enhancement

  • Available For Expedited Delivery

  • Operational Ready Condition

  • Customization Available

International Parts Supply Corporation “IPS” has a significant inventory of M113 vehicles available to sell which include the M113A3, M577A3, M1068A3 and M1064A3.  Our inventory of M113 vehicles are configured in a number of different variants from general purpose personal carrier, medical evacuation, medical treatment,  command post, cargo, communications, recovery, and reconnaissance vehicle equipped with turret and gun station.  The M113A3 will be welcomed compliment to an existing fleet of vehicles or a reliable new platform that performs well in all theatres.  We are promoting the sale of the vehicles with various options available for the placement of either the complete vehicle and/or the components. 

Latest Modernized Features


  • Engine - DDC 6V53T 275 hp Engine

  • Transmission - Allison Cross Drive X200-4A

  • 200 Amp Alternator System

  • T150 Track (optional)

  • Improved Cooling System

  • Steering Yoke Drivers Controls

  • NBC System

  • Global Personnel Heater

  • Spall Liners (optional)

  • Armor Mounting Provisions (optional)

  • Shock Absorbing Drivers Seat

  • Driver's Enhanced Viewer (DEV)

  • External Fuel Tanks

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